Buttons found and more!

See what happened was…

I don’t know why I can’t come out of two places with the list I went in with….Walmart and ANY fabric store. With concrete list in hand, I had a 3 item list; buttons, thread, shoulder pads. That’s it. A few yards of fabric later and here I am.

O.k., God bless the genius at G Street Fabrics who came up with the $2.97/yard fabric table. Smooches to you because there is always a great piece of fabric waiting specifically for me. Here is a spring inducing lavender fabric perfect for a spring dress which I need for our upcoming Women’s Day at church and the other is a light weight gauzy sheer something-or-another (fabric gurus insert name here) that’s destined to be a billowy top to pair with jeans. Of course I needed more thread and zippers.

There has to be some 12 step plan to give me more discipline. 🙂

But I did find the buttons for my coat. I’m going for a clean look with these slightly pearlized buttons with the rectangular groove. After three different stores and some online searching, I’m glad to finally have these in hand.


~ by sewhotmommi on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “Buttons found and more!”

  1. I LOVE the buttons you’re going to use!

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