Tote-ally cool!

I’m on a roll of quick and easy projects. I didn’t really need a new tote, but the magazine “Quick Stuff to Sew” published by http://www.craftstylish/Taunton press had the cutest idea for a purse and I just ran with it from there.

Now I confess, I didn’t feel like coughing up the cover price, so I admit…I read the article a few times and memorized the instructions. Does that qualify me as tacky or cheap…or both. LOL At least I’m giving them a plug on my blog so that should count for something.

The fashion fabric is faux leather, better known as pleather, from Walmart’s. The interior fabric is a gorgeous tie-dyed batik my sister bought for me in Ghana that I’ve been dying to use.

Because this project is actually for a purse, my detours are as follows:

  • Changed the dimensions. I cut approximately a 40″ x 18″ rectangle.
  • Instead of using cording, I made a shoulder strap, with a cut width of 4″ and adjusted the length when I draped it over my shoulder. I sewed the strap to the silver rings and then added an additional piece of strap to the ring to attach it to the bag.
  • I also constructed the pleat at the bottom to show to the outside, instead of the inside, for interest.
  • Seam lines were topstitched.
  • I added a rectangle of plastic needlepoint canvas covered in fabric to the bottom of the bag for structure otherwise it was floppy at the bottom.
  • I crafted my own Chanel-esque leather flower. I used the flower pattern from the April issue of BWOF. It’s 7 individual flowers that were each individually scrunched and stitched, then all sewn together to make the puff.

The magazine is worth buying and I plan on making this again in something summery from one of Amy Butler’s line of fabrics.

Hopefully you can see the flower better in this pic.

This should show the ring better.

Maybe 2 or 3 hours of sewing to complete. I am sew lovin’ this flower that I plan on making a gigantic one in black and in some yummy fabric that I can pin to coats and dresses.

As for the tote, I think it turned out well.


~ by sewhotmommi on March 24, 2009.

8 Responses to “Tote-ally cool!”

  1. That’s a great bag! I love the flower accent!

  2. Love the purse- especially the flower. I’m all for tacky and cheap!

  3. It’s a great bag.

  4. I love the accent, the color and the shape, that is a perfect fashionable bag for Summer/Spring. It is simple but trendy.

  5. Love the bag! Very kewl…but I’m gonna have to look up that flower…loving it!

  6. That looks amazing! We ALWAYS need a new bag. lol. Yours is fab.

  7. I agree with the others…. awesome bag.

  8. That’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

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