Christmas throw down

Alright FB family, this is how we throw down in my house for Christmas. My whole family is jammed packed with cooks and everyone helps out. Believe it or not, they complained ’cause they thought I was cooking lite…not enough dishes. 🙂

You know I parked in front of my plate and sat there until I couldn’t move. Ooo, Lawd, I ate myself into shame.

On the menu:
• Chocolate Trifle (threw some Kahlua in the cake batter)
• Apple Crisp
• Gumbo (no okra…yuck! Just Maryland crab, shrimp, chicken wings and ham. No andouille sausage either, too much heartburn with that. My mother-in-law put a hurtin’ on this!)
• Honey Baked Ham
• Roasted Chicken with red potates and baby carrots (threw some white wine in the stock)
• Yams with pineapple
• Christmas congealed salad
• Cornbread dressing
• Toasted bread (no time to bake from scratch, I was tired.)
• Okra and Shrimp
• Christmas green salad with apples, cherries, walnut in a yummy dressing

With all that cooking, someone’s got to bust suds. Took me three long hours to clean up, that mess lined an entire counter.


~ by sewhotmommi on December 31, 2009.

5 Responses to “Christmas throw down”

  1. Apple Crisp, yummy. I thought that was Gumbo I spied. You're making me hungry. I can't wait to get my gumbo on on Friday. I hope you had help with the kitchen.

  2. First of all. Yum!!, Secondly Yum!Yum. Pls post recipe for gumbo one day. Love yr blog.Dina

  3. kudos mom christmas dinner was amazing, although i dont know what you have against okra:)alyssa

  4. Happy New Year, Dei!

  5. Happy New Year!

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