My First Marfy Pattern

(Marfy 1961 Single-breasted A-line coat with a broad gathered collar.)

Ooo, I’m scared. I just ordered my first Marfy pattern. Tany of the fabulous Couture et Tricot blog made the most gorgeous coat in a TDF salmon color. Girlfriend has mad sewing skills and the patience to show us lesser beings how to properly construct a garment, so I feel encouraged.

After sewing my first coat this time last year, I thought why not? I need a longer dress coat because the present relic I wear to church and other significant outings is exactly 24 years old…and no it’s not something I bought at a vintage shop. I held two jobs fresh out of college, 1.) Research assistant for a pharmaceutical company and 2.) Part-time clerk at Lord&Taylor. I held on to my little pennies and bought a cashmere navy blue dress coat. I have replaced the buttons no less than four times and repaired the lining as many. So, I could use something new.

With that said, I have one goal this year: Try a pattern company without instructions so I am forced to figure it out myself and really understand the construction process. My guinea pig of choice…Marfy 1961. This is a hottie. I love the big open collar and it looks fairly straight forward.

It was a hot mess ordering. I made it through the site just fine in English until the ordering page miraculously switched to Italian. I had to call in my daughter, who merciful Jesus, is minoring in Italian in college, and she held my hand the rest of the way. 24 euros later (don’t bother calculating the conversion, it hurts) I made the order. Wish me luck, after I make the dress for this weekend.


~ by sewhotmommi on January 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “My First Marfy Pattern”

  1. You are brave. I am sure you will end up with an amazing coat. Tany's blew me away.I'd love to see pictures of the coat as you progress, if you have the time of course!

  2. I'm finally stitching up (slowly) my first Marfy coat, cut with large seam allowances for adjustments. Basted together and it fits great with a nice solid line to it. Ohhh, I hope you like yours as much as I'm liking mine.

  3. Having just made a Knipmode dress with no translations, I am sure you'll figure this out. I would suggest that for a project this big, that you make a muslin or two. It will really help not only to work out the construction order and details, but reduce the amount of ripping on the good stuff.

  4. Oh, great coat by the way!

  5. Eeeee! I'm excited for you! That is a big step, but you picked a really beautiful pattern (that collar really is fabulous) and think it will be turn out great. Do you have fabric/lining chosen yet?

  6. Oh, do blog about this! I've never sewn Marfy either. I love that coat pattern.

  7. Beautiful pattern! Good luck!

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